What is Dialogue Writing?

What is Dialogue Writing?

A conversation between two persons”. This can also be treated as a conversation amongst a group of people. The spoken form of communication is generally done in almost every situation.

Dialogue writing is the art of creating conversations between two or more characters in a written work, such as a screenplay, a play, a novel, or a short story. It is a fundamental aspect of storytelling that allows the writer to convey information, reveal character, and move the plot forward.

Sample Dialogues

Draft a dialogue as per the situation hereunder.

Dialogue between a student and a teacher

Sample Discussion over arranging a fancy-dress competition

Student (S): Good morning Sir! How are you?
Teacher (T): Good morning Raj, I am good, thank you. What made you come to the staff room today?

S : Sir, I wanted to put up an idea before you, may I, please?
T : Sure, go on! What is it about?
S : Sir, as you know, we are planning our Annual Function next month. I wanted to know if we can include another interesting event in that!?
T : What is on your mind?
S : I was thinking of including a Fancy Dress Competition in it.
T : That is a very good idea, Raj. We can definitely work on that.
S : Thank you, sir! I was also thinking of keeping a theme for it.
T : Which theme will suit the event?
S : I have a few options in mind. You can give your suggestions.
T : What are your options?
S : We can go for “Our Helpers – Our Superheroes” or “Women Achievers” or “Retro theme”.
T : I like the concept of Our Helpers – Our Superheroes.
S : Yes sir! We can include doctors, nurses, pilots, police, firefighters, army
and so many others.
T : True. Don’t forget our sweepers and cleaners, peons, drivers, security and watchmen. They are also our helpers.
S : Very true sir. I will make a list and get back to you by tomorrow.
T : Alright Raj! We will also discuss about the costumes tomorrow.
S : Sure sir. Thank you. Have a good day.
T : You too! Bye!

Dialogue Between Father and Daughter/Son

Sample discussion over purchasing a new cell phone

Heena: Hi dad! Do you have a moment? I want to talk to you about something!
Father:Hi Heena! Why do you look so sad? Is anything troubling you?
H : Dad you know all my friends have a smartphone with them.
F : Yes, so?
H : Please dad, can I also get a phone?
F : Why do you need a phone?
H : Dad, a phone is a necessity these days. It has an alarm clock, camera, calendar, notes, and so many other facilities in it.
F : I know, my child. But we have an alarm clock in the house, you can use my Nikon Camera, there are calendars in each room, and you have so many notebooks to make notes. What do you need a smartphone for? To play games and talk with friends?
H : Come on dad, all these are individual items. A phone has them all in one. And not just talk with friends, I can also talk to my teachers and solve my queries. Also, with the use of the internet, studies will be easier.
F : And what about wasting your time playing games?
H : I will not play games, dad, I promise.
F : Alright, Heena, I also know the importance of a cell phone. Your mother and I were anyway going to get you one on your birthday.
H : Wow! Really? Yey! Thank you, dad! I love you so much!
F : I love you too, my child.
H : I am so happy! Which phone are you going to buy?
F : Now let that be a surprise. Now go and study.
H : Oh okay! Fine, I can wait.
F : Sure you can. Now go and study, I also have a lot of work to do.
H : Bye papa!! Thank you so much!
F : Bye!

Dialogue Between Two Friends

Sample discussion over selecting a film to go to watch

Ram: Hello Lucky! How are you?
Lucky: Hey Ram! I am good. How about you?
R : I am also good. Just getting a bit bored.
L : Yes, me too. Let’s go for a movie.
R : That is a very good idea. Which movies are being screened today?
L : For that, we need to check Book My Show.
R : Do you have the application?
L : Yes. Let’s see.
R : There are three movies in the nearby multiplex.
L : Yes, Pati Patni Aur Woh, Panipat and Mardaani 2.
R : Which one do you want to go for?
L : I have not seen the first part of Mardaani. So I don’t think I should go for the second part.
R : You are right. How about Pati Patni aur Woh?
L : I don’t know. Actually, I am more of a historical movie fan. I hear Panipat is a historical movie.
R : Yes, Pati Patni aur Woh is a comedy movie but it has a strong social message too. I have watched it.
L : Oh you have already watched the movie?? Then let us go for Panipat.
R : Okay. Let’s go! The movie begins in an hour.
L : Sounds good. I will go and change and see you at the theatre in 15 minutes!
R : Sure. Bye!
L : Bye! See you there.

Dialogue between siblings

Sample discussion over planning a surprise party for parents

Arjun: Nakul, have you thought of anything for our parents’ anniversary?
Nakul: No brother, in fact I was just going to talk to you about it. Do you have anything in mind?
A : I was thinking of organizing a surprise party.
N : That is a great idea. Where shall we keep it? Whom should we call?
A : You got super excited, it seems!
N : Of course I am. Do tell me everything in detail
A : Okay, so what I have thought is that we will call all our relatives and celebrate our parent’s 50th anniversary in a great manner.
N : I agree. It is their half century and they deserve a grand celebration!
A : So whom should we call?
N : All our relatives from both sides, our cousins, our family friends, an our neighbors.
A : Neighbors too? That would be too much!.
N : Well okay, not all, but we might as well call the Patels and the Mansuris. We have good relations with them.
A : Yes, that can be done.
N : So where shall we keep it?
A : Mom loves South Indian food, so we can keep the banquet hall at Sankalp.
N : And the menu will have only South Indian food?
A : Of course not, we can have a personalized menu.
N : That sounds good. Let’s go and check if the dates are available.
A : Wait, we will have to make a guest list first. Let’s do one thing. I will take care of the guest list. Since you are more creative, make a beautiful invitation card for everyone.
N : Sure. Should I mention 7 pm for the time?? And do we keep any theme?
N : Sure. Should I mention 7 pm for the time?? And do we keep any theme?
A : No, let us not have a theme celebration. And yes, 7 pm will be fine.
N : And what about the gift?
A : We will plan that out too. Let us first do these things, brother
N : Alright. Let’s start working. We only have a week to go!
A : Right. Okay, we will go there in an hour.

Dialogue between a customer and a shopkeeper

Sample discussion over choosing a phone.

Customer: Hello! Is the store open?
Shopkeeper: Hello mam! Yes, we are open. How can I help you?
C : I want to buy a good phone. Can you show me some models please?
S : Yes mam, we have all the brands. Which one would you like to see?
C : I don’t know. Which one is the best?
S : What is your budget mam?
C : I will be okay with 25 – 30,000.
S : Okay, we have many devices in that range.
C : Great. Show me a few.
S : Here, this is ABC brand. It has the best camera. And it also a good storage capacity.
C : What is the camera specifications?
S : The back camera is 48 megapixels. And the front camera is 16 megapixels.
C : Does the camera come up? I saw an advertisement somewhere. I think that is a brilliant idea.
S : That is another brand, mam. Shall I show you that?
C : Yes I would like to see that. Do you have a demo piece?
S : No we do not have a demo piece. But I use the same phone. So you can see that. Here it is
C : Oh this looks good. Do you have blue color in this?
S : No, we only have black, white and red. If you want, we can order the blue one for you.
C : That would be great. When can you get it?
S : It will take a week.
C : A week? No! I cannot wait for so long.
S : Oh okay.
C : What are the specifications of this phone?
S : It is the best in the range, mam! The specifications are mentioned in this list. With this you can also compare other devices.
C : This is a brilliant idea. What is the price? And is there any discount?
S : This costs 24,999/- only. There is no discount, but we have a special offer.
C : Is it? What is it?
S : We have a free hands free set with this device.
C : That sounds great. Alright, I will take it. Here is the cash.
S : Sure. Thank you.
C : Alright. Thank you so much. I will come again with my son. He also wants a new phone.
S : Sure! Most welcome mam!

Dialogue Between A Husband And His Wife

Sample Discussion regarding purchasing a new set of furniture and renovating the house.

Husband: Puja, you were telling me something about changing the furniture last week.
Wife: Yes, the sofa is so worn out now, it looks very shabby. How did you suddenly remember what I said a week ago?
H : Well, there is a furniture exhibition in town. While reading the newspaper, I came across that and that reminded me of our conversation.
W : There is an exhibition in town! That would be a great opportunity for us to see the latest designs and get the best deals.
H : Deals? How much are we planning to spend? What are the things that you plan to buy?
W : Well, we definitely have to buy a new sofa set. We shall as well buy a new bed. Also, Among will soon be in class 10th. He will need a study table. Amoha was also asking for a new wardrobe. So all of this can be thought of, if we get a good deal.
H : I think you are right. So if we are anyway buying so much new furniture, let us get the house renovated. The ceiling of our bedroom has plaster coming out and we can get the entire house painted too.
W : I actually wanted to say that too, but I thought that would be too much on the budget.
H : It will be, but we will have to do it sooner or later. So why not now?
W : Right. We might get a few good contacts in the exhibition as well. For the paint and renovation.
H : Possibly! Also ask mom if she needs anything for her room. She had always wanted a set of relaxed armchairs for the balcony. We might get them here.
W : That is a good idea. So shall we go in the evening today?
H : Yes, we can go at 5 pm. Let the kids also come along. We can have dinner outside.
W : Among would love that. He has been telling me since two weeks now that he wants to go to that new restaurant that has opened up on Gandhi Road.
H : Oh yes. We can go there. So tell them to be ready by 5. We will have a look at the exhibition first. Also, the exhibition is on Gandhi Road. So we can easily walk down to the restaurant later.
W : Definitely. So what shall I make for lunch?
H : Ask the kids, I have some work. I am going out. Will be back in an hour.
W : If you are going out anyway, do withdraw some cash from the ATM. We might need cash in the exhibition.
H : Let us support Digital India and pay online.
W : You and your technology! Okay, but do come back before lunch time.
H : I will. Bye. W : Bye


What is Dialogue Writing?

A conversation between two persons”. This can also be treated as a conversation amongst a group of people. The spoken form of communication is generally done in almost every situation.

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