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Business reports

1.Individual reports:

Draft a report as the general manager of a five-star hotel agency to assess the viability of setting up a hotel in the City of Ahmadabad.

Oberoi Hotels
Napiency Road,
Mumbai- 546790
Phone numbers 22222345-49 Fax 22222343

October 3, 2019
The Director,
Oberoi Hotels
Dear Sir,

Subject: Report on viability of hotel in the city of Ahmadabad

According to the decision taken in the meeting of the board of directors on September 15, 2019, I hereby present the report on the viability of setting a hotel branch in the city of Ahmadabad.

I surveyed for several aspects of the feasibility and met several people and authorities in the government and other related agencies. My report is as under:


I surveyed several available lands in Ahmadabad and found four lands appropriate for our hotel. Out of these four lands the one which is situated near “132 ring road” is appropriate for our hotel site. It has a good location and the cost and the value of the land is according to our budget. I have also attached the reports of other lands with this report.


I met the authorities of the municipal corporation and they were ready to supply us with the necessary connections of water. The municipal authority has also advised us to get a bore well dug so that in case of water crisis we may not have to suffer the scarcity.


Ahmadabad Electricity Company is one of the best services in the city. I have had several meetings with the authorities of the AEC and they too are ready to supply us with the necessary electricity supply. They will also install a special transformer in our premises for a stable electric current. We will have to provide them with the complete documentation of our proposal, plan and estimated consumption per month. They are ready to execute their actions as soon as we pay the installation charges and apply to the AEC.


I met the top five major constructing agencies in Gujarat. All these agencies are situated in Ahmedabad. I had a detailed meeting with the directors and the chief architects of all these agencies. I checked the history of these agencies and found that all these top agencies can be asked to send detailed tenders as per our needs and then decide to whom we can submit the project of the construction of our hotel. The interior designing firms are also available and can serve our purpose as per our needs.


Ahmadabad is a big city with several academic institutions. Especially Gujarat University and other foreign universities are active in the city. We can absorb the skilled labor by tying up with such universities. We can offer competitive salaries to the candidates.The city has in its periphery plenty villages from where we can get unskilled labor at competitive remunerations. According to my findings, labor will not pose a problem ever in future.


Transport is the sector on which we will have to pay good attention and have to invest in our vehicles. The to and fro to the railway and airport must be done through our vehicles as the transport is expensive and not well facilitated.


According to my surveys and observations, Ahmadabad is one of the best cities to start a hotel. The competition is not too high and it is a good market for such businesses.

I recommend Ahmadabad as the correct place for our firm to invest money.
Thank you

Yours faithfully,
Vishal Shah
Enclosures: All the related surveys and other documents during my survey.

2.Draft a report on a fire accident in the factory on behalf of the secretary of a company.

Hello Cloth
The biggest cloth producer in India
9, commercial complex
Bapunagar, Ahmadabad
Phone: 23434343 Fax: 24343434

May 17, 2020
The Director,
Hello Cloth
Bapunagar, Ahmadabad

Dear Sir,

Subject: Report on the fire accident in the factory on May 15, 2020.

In accordance to the decision taken in the meeting of the board of directors on May 16, 2020, and the responsibility allotted to me to investigate the cause and effect of the fire accident taken place in the factory on May 15, 2020, I hereby present my report as under.


The fire was first noticed by our watchman Am rat bhai Patel. He saw smoke coming out of the ventilation of the warehouse and anticipating a fire, he immediately informed the fire brigade, which was his smart act. He then went to the storeroom and noticed that a wire junction in a corner of the warehouse was burning so he immediately went to the electric room and switched off the main switch which prevented further short circuits. The fire brigade arrived in 20 minutes but by the time, the fire had caught all the raw cotton in the warehouse. It also caught the wooden wall of the warehouse which is a common wall of our office. Before the fire brigade personnel could initiate their rescue operations, the fire had engulfed the office furniture.


The fire brigadiers were quick enough in extinguishing the fire and controlled it in 15 minutes. After the rescue operation was declared finished by them, they presented a report which specified that the cause of the fire was an electric short circuit in the cable junction.


It is found that all the raw material kept in the warehouse has been damaged. The wooden partition wall which was common in the warehouse and the office has burnt entirely. Two sofa sets in the office have also been damaged. Because of the intense heat in the room, the computer lying near the sofa set has also been damaged, fortunately, all the data is safe.


  • The loss because of the fire is as follows: –
  • Raw material Rs.2,00,000/-
  • Wooden partition wall Rs.15,000/-
  • Sofa sets Rs.20,000/-
  • Computer(hard ware damage) Rs.10,000/-

Insurance Claimable:

The raw material which arrived from Uttar Pradesh on May 1, 2020, had been insured against fire and theft. We can present the report of the fire brigade to the insurance agent and start the procedure to claim for the raw material. We will get the entire amount from the insurance.The rest of the damage is a loss for the company.

Renovation and Rehabilitation:

We will have to immediately renovate the warehouse or it will affect our production. We must also install fire safety into the warehouse and especially a smoke alarm so that we can curb future hazards. We must also think of shifting our office to the gate which will be far enough from any such accident-prone areas.

I hope that the above report may prove to be useful for the company.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
M. P. Kongalakuddi
Production Manager

3.Draft a report on the causes of decline in sales of a company’s products and steps to arrest the decline.

Bull’s Eye Home Appliances Limited
123, Modi House,
Malad East
Mumbai- 123456
Telephone Numbers: – 22222234-22222239 Fax: – 22222235

April 25, 2020
The Board of Directors
Bull’s Eye Home Appliances Limited
Mumbai 123456

Dear Sirs

Report On Causes Of Decline In Sales Of Our Company In Gujarat And Steps To Arrest Decline

In accordance with the decision taken in the meeting of the board of directors on April 1, 2020,the responsibility was assigned to me to investigate the causes of the decline in the sales of our product in Gujarat during the last six months. I visited the branch and observed the workings of the branch, met the salesperson and surveyed the customers, based on which I present my report as under.

I have also suggested the course of action to stop the decline.

Causes for the decline in Sale


Our product is one of the finest in all the available products in the market but despite the good quality and durability, the common public is attracted to cheap China-made products which are low priced and fancy. There is an approximate difference of 10% to 20% on every product in price. I recommend the company to review the cost of production and put forward our product in the market at competitive prices. This will attract the common people and then the durability of the product will attract the customers.

After-Sale Services:

The customers always look forward to this unique feature. Based on a survey conducted in our office amongst the customers and other people, I conclude that the customers will be satisfied if we give them a warranty on the product and at least one free service.

I recommend the company to prepare a team which can look upon this matter and satisfy the customers’ needs.

Fashions and trends:

I have found that some of our products have recently become outdated. Trendy and funky things are in and people demand more variety of designs. Our products have limited designs, variations, and colors. Thus, our market becomes limited.I have found that some of our products have recently become outdated. Trendy and funky things are in and people demand more variety of designs. Our products have limited designs, variations, and colors. Thus, our market becomes limited.

I suggest the company to have a creative team appointed who can work for the new and trendy designs.


Goods coming in from the export market are advertised more by the dealers. Advertisements at regular intervals appear in newspapers and other magazines which make the people aware of the product in the market. Our advertising budget is very limited and we rarely give advertisements in the newspapers. We have lost the sale of the product because of this reason too. I suggest the company to advertise the products more often and introduce schemes which can attract the customers. A marketing manager must be appointed who can take care of the marketing strategies and launch necessary promotional schemes.

Based on my observations and surveys in the market, I conclude that adhering to certain changes and following my suggestions will help the company arrest the decline in the sale of the product and increase it too. I hope my report will be helpful for the company.
Thank you,

Yours faithfully,
G.K. Acharya
Sales Manager.

4.A report on the advisability of starting a Welfare center for the benefit of the employee.

The ONLY Superb Mill

123 Shah Industrial Estates
G.I.D.C Phase Four
Ahmadabad 123456

December 27, 2019
The Chairman,
The Board of Directors,
The Only Superb Mill
Ahmadabad 123456

Dear Sir,

Report on the advisability of setting up a welfare center for our employees at the Ahmadabad Branch

A meeting of the Board of Directors was held on December 1, 2019, to discuss the proposal submitted by the labor union to set up a welfare unit in the Ahmadabad factory branch. The responsibility was assigned to me to report the advisability for the same and I present my report as under.

This is the 50th year of our company. Our company started with small premises and with only 100 employees. It is a pleasure that now our company has very big premises and 786 employees working day and night for the profit and the betterment of the company.

Since the establishment, we have not paid attention in the direction of establishing a Well fare center and so the employees have presented a charter of demands.Looking at the demands and their need, I believe that it is high time that our company invest in the welfare center for the employees.


Our employees work in three shifts, day,noon and night. During these hours they have a break of one hour in-between. The workers and the other staff use the roadside canteen right next to our premises. The canteen is very dirty and the employees do not find good food here. They have requested for the canteen in the Welfare unit.

I recommend that the company must provide a small, well-managed canteen. We can give the contract to handle the canteen to organizations like VSNC.

Sports Club:

Our staff quarters accommodate 500 employees in 105 quarters. The employees after the stress of the work need some recreation. At present, the children of the employees play games in a small piece of land in the middle of the quarter. They have proposed that the company must provide with better facilities for entertainment and start a sports club equipped with indoor games and a few outdoor games too. The sports club will be managed by the em- 213 employees as they have suggested in their proposal.


Health should be a priority. The employees have to go very far to a doctor at least 11 kilometers away from the quarters and in times of emergency, it becomes very difficult for the elderly people. They have requested for a small clinic wherein a doctor is available for at least 10 hours a day. A nurse and a com pounder will suffice their needs. I too recommend the same. This clinic can be set up on the premises of our factory which is near to the quarters so that any first aid needed during the working hours can also be taken care of.

Credit society:

A credit society unit will overcome the employees’ financial problems. From the collection, they can have loans and can furnish their homes with facilities. The credit society of the staff must be handled by the company accounts department.

Employees’ co-operative stores:

From the credit society fund, they can also start a small co-operative store which will be managed by the employees only.

Primary school:

Employees’ children have to go to school at least 15 kilometers away. They have to commute on foot for a good distance which is tiresome for children. I recommend that a school with good facilities till standard 8th must be set up as a part of the welfare unit and good teachers must be appointed for the same.


A detailed statement of the estimated expenses is sent herewith the report.


I recommend that our company must bear the establishment expense in view of large profits and for the prestige of the company. The 50% of the recurring expense must be borne by the company and the rest 50% must be taken from the members of the welfare center. We can deduct 3% to 4% off the staff salary.

I conclude that the establishment of the welfare center will prove to be motivating for the employees and will increase their efficiency. I hope that my report will be helpful if the company in deciding for its betterment. Thank you

Yours faithfully,
J. M. Dutta
HRD Manager

Committee Reports

1.Draft a committee report on the Inspection of branches to improve the working of the branches and improve the sales of the company’s products.

Committee report on inspection of branches, to improve their working and sales of the company’s products.

The committee

1.Mr. K. D. Gupta
Chief Marketing executive {Only Me Home Appliances}

  1. Mr. K D. Agarwal
    Chief Sales Manager {Only Me Home Appliances }
  2. Mr. K D. Sen
    Area Sales Manager(Ahmadabad) {Only Me Home Appliances }
  3. Mr. K. D. Chaturvedi
    Human Resources and Development Manager {Only Me Home Appliances}

A decision was taken in the meeting of the board of directors and the committee set up for the inspection of branches.It was to improve their working and to considerably increase the sale of the company product. For that, the above mentioned committee visited and probed the several issues which worked as a hindrance in the development of the sale. The committee report is as under:

Working Hours:

The working hours are 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. including a lunch break of one hour. We visited the branches at Ahmadabad, Val sad and Baruch and found that at all these places the staff and the in-charge manager do not follow the prescribed time. Sometimes the branches are opened and closed at the manager’s will. These irregularities have created a very bad impression on the customers and they do not prefer to visit our shops. This is one of the reasons which has resulted in the decline of sale at these three branches.


What we have observed at all the branches is that the staff employed is totally untrained and does not have the knowledge of corporate marketing. We have noticed that our staff is rude to the customers and do not understand the need of the customer. They try to sell everybody the same thing and the most costly thing. This gives a very bad impression of our shop in the market. The customers as and when enter the shop find themselves lost in the shop and there is no one to attend them. The customers are not even asked for a glass of water in the shop.

We need to drastically change the staff or train them in marketing and sales techniques through training program mes


Our shop in Ahmadabad is located in a prime location and attracts customers’ attention, but is not successful because of the staff. Our branch in Valsad and Bharuch is located in such a situation that the passersby cannot come to know about its existence. The signboards over the shops are old and ruined and do not attract the customers. On an immediate basis, we need to provide them with good signboards and certain other boards on the roadside so that the people will be aware of the shops and will get attracted.


Other shops dealing with the same product in the market put forward aggressive marketing in the local newspapers and circulate flyers in the newspapers every week. We must switch over to a new concept of marketing and put forward aggressive marketing strategies along with attractive schemes to attract customers.

Availability of Loan Facilities:

In the entire market, the customers now purchase the goods on a loan basis. We must contact certain banks and give them a small counter in our shop so that they can offer the customers attractive loan facilities. We, the committee feel that if the above-mentioned changes are immediately executed, we will be able to see a drastic change in the performance of our branches. We must also arrange supervising visits to the branches for good performance and solving the problems if any.

We hope that our report will be useful for the company.
Thank you,
Signed on behalf of the committee.

K.D. Gupta Adidev Menon
(Chairman) (Secretary)

November 23, 2019

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